Customer Support Center for Central New York Customers in Central NY

Customer Support Center

MVINTECH takes pride in providing the highest quality technical support to our clients. Should you have any questions please email us at or call us at (315) 838-1018. The documents listed below provide additional information for some common issues encountered by customers. Just click on the title of the document of interest to view the PDF of the specific document.

DNS Support

Flushing DNS

In situations where your domain is being switched to a new service, the Domain Name Server (DNS) may be cached (stored locally on your computer for a temporary period) on you computer. The attached document provides process for clearing such temporary settings.

Email Support

Mail Account Setup

The attached instructions provide an overview of common setup steps for mail using MS Outlook on MVINTECH managed servers.

Outlook Storage (.pst)File Location/Setup

This document provides an overview of how to identify the location of your outlook .pst file on your computer.

Web Browser Support

Microsoft Internet Explorer Automatic Page Refresh

Some users may have issues with web pages not refreshing properly in their web browser when visiting a web site. This problem may be due to a setting contained within the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. The attached notes outline steps for setting pages to always refresh, rather than caching pages for reuse on your computer.